Primary 1 Admission Phase 1 (2020/2021)

A. Application

  1. Read and follow the general application procedures completely.
  2. Retrieve the application number and confirmation email.
  3. Submit application fee of HK$50.
  4. Prepare two self-addressed stamped envelopes with correct mailing address stated; submit these on the interview day. 

B. Admission Criteria

  1. Interview performance 70%
  2. Academic performance 10%
  3. Extra-curricular activities joined and awards received 20%

C. Interview Format & Content

   First Round interview 

      1. Check the standard from the following items:- 
             1.1 Languages (Conducted in English and/or Putonghua. Applicant can choose to use his/her own language to answer)
             1.2 Attitudes (By playing games in group)
             1.3 Common Senses (By individual interview) 

   Second Round interview

      2.  Check the standard from the following items:-  
             2.1 Academic Performances (English, Chinese , Maths and General Knowledge)
             2.2 Attitudes and Creativity (By story telling and answering)
             2.3 Social Skills (By playing group games)

      3. Meeting with parents by telling them the mission, vision and current issues of the school.


D. About 500 applicants will be selected to join the second round interview


E. Office hour and address

Address: 2 Farm Rd., To Kwa Wan, Kln.
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm (Lunch time: 12:30pm-1:30pm) and Saturday 9:00am-12:00 noon

F. School Fee and scholarship/ school fee remission scheme

Our School fee for the academic year of 2019-2020 will be adjusted to HK$13,550 per year, payable in 10 instalments (subject to EDB’s approval). Details will be announced later. The school ensures no qualified candidates will be denied admission due to financial difficulties. The School provides “School fee remission/ Scholarship scheme” for those who are in need (including the family which receives CSSA / SFAA). Details of the “School fee remission/ Scholarship scheme” are posted on our school website.
For enquiries, please contact our school office in office hours at 2755-7799 (Farm Road Campus) or visit our school website at